Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Josh's Birthday PartieS!!

My boy is 3!!!!
Josh is such a cute, loved boy that he had to have 2 parties! Okay - so we couldn't invite all the people we wanted to - number restrictions - but he is a cute boy! We had a family party at home with some family and friends...

My Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Mike were able to come - that meant a lot to us.

Spoiled boy - lots of presents.....

His big present from mom and dad was a Thomas the Train table and equipment (this only shows a tenth of it).

Little sister hanging out

My mom is amazing. Here is her creation. She just copied a picture. SO CUTE!!!

His second party was at Backyard Adventures. They have about 10 playsets hooked together....

A HUGE bounce house....

Josh went crazy - as did all the kids. It was a blast!

Lots of friends and cousins. Thanks for coming!

And here is my mom's second creation. Awesome!

I have to say my favorite moment of this night was when we were setting up and out of nowhere my sweet boy came over, hugged my legs and said, "Thanks mom for taking me to such fun places. I love you!" I can't believe I have had this miracle in my life for three years. He is amazing in every way. Every day he surprises and entertains me. I would do anything for him. We love you Josh!

Friday, October 2, 2009

July Adventures

Morgan loves to hold on to things - this is one of her favorites - even in her sleep.
The 4th of July - we had a BBQ at my parent's, then went to the Buzz game. Josh & Morgan in a picture together?? This is just one of about fifteen pictures - fun, huh?! It's hard to tell that he really does love her... Here's the best one. Look at that chub! So, they are cute kids when they are on their own...

About mid-July Morgan started rolling onto her stomach, it was exciting at first. But then she decided that after getting onto her stomach, she didn't really like it. This happened about every 10 minutes, all day long. We started containing her in a chair.

I took the kids and went with my mom, grandma, sister-in-law, cousins and aunt to St. George for a week. It was a lot of fun. Here are the cousins getting ready to go swim. When we went to Lake Powell we scared Josh of the water, so he spent the first part of the week scared to death....

Then he became a fish....Morgan loved the rolling waves....

Josh spent the entire summer trying to get wet. This was one morning after I had finished weeding and watering. He loved his "water slide."

We spent several evenings at Cherry Hill, one of our new favorite places. Josh was a Dare Devil- he loved the Dragon slide.

Morgan hanging out at Cherry Hill - she loved the Lazy River

She is becoming the happiest baby!She started to sit up at the end of the month - 4 months old!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Morgan's Blessing

Our beautiful girl was blessed on June 7th.
She is hilarious. Sticks out her tongue when she smiles.
I love this.
Pat and I worked so hard to get our yard looking awesome for the blessing....
But, because of the nice rainy weather, we somehow fit about 60 people in our house.
(and garage...) I am in love with her dress. I found it before she was even born and had to have it. Thanks, mom, for helping buy it.Morgan with her two Great-Grandmas.I think it's funny that it is the baby's "big day" and they have no clue what it is about.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lake Powell

We went on our annual Nielson family vacation to Powell the end of May into June. It was beautiful, perfect weather and water. LOVED IT! One of my favorite places to be. Josh's first time out on the water. He loved it!
So - Since I will NEVER strap my feet into something again (no wakeboarding) I told Pat I wanted a surfboard because it is my FAVORITE thing to do. (And..I'm pretty good at it :) hehe). What a good guy, he surprised me on the way down (after I spent a few hours pouting) by stopping and buying one. I spent a couple of good hours on it! Such a blast! But, of course, we didn't take any pictures. So, this is me a few years ago surfing. Now, I got the surfboard, I have to start working on him about a boat! :)
Lovin' being on a boat.My cute guys.
What a character!
Josh, Cole and Kyle. Josh now keeps talking about his "brothers" Cole and Kyle. Pat and Josh on the waverunner.
Josh had so much fun being with his cousins. It was great for him to be around them so much.
Josh and Kayla coloring.
Can you tell he is not supposed to be touching them yet?
He had so much fun.
A little confused about what the "washing" bucket is for.
Josh and Pat spent hours playing with squirt guns.Morgan was unbelievably amazing. She has become such a good, happy baby.
Laughing on our bed. On our way out to go home. We were all a little worn out.