Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Josh's Birthday PartieS!!

My boy is 3!!!!
Josh is such a cute, loved boy that he had to have 2 parties! Okay - so we couldn't invite all the people we wanted to - number restrictions - but he is a cute boy! We had a family party at home with some family and friends...

My Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa Mike were able to come - that meant a lot to us.

Spoiled boy - lots of presents.....

His big present from mom and dad was a Thomas the Train table and equipment (this only shows a tenth of it).

Little sister hanging out

My mom is amazing. Here is her creation. She just copied a picture. SO CUTE!!!

His second party was at Backyard Adventures. They have about 10 playsets hooked together....

A HUGE bounce house....

Josh went crazy - as did all the kids. It was a blast!

Lots of friends and cousins. Thanks for coming!

And here is my mom's second creation. Awesome!

I have to say my favorite moment of this night was when we were setting up and out of nowhere my sweet boy came over, hugged my legs and said, "Thanks mom for taking me to such fun places. I love you!" I can't believe I have had this miracle in my life for three years. He is amazing in every way. Every day he surprises and entertains me. I would do anything for him. We love you Josh!

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